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All applicants are required to read this document, and complete the section below with their personal information and signature. This should be done before signing the application acceptance slip.


  1. The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) produces institutional documents containing policies and guidelines for all stakeholders. These documents include (but are not limited to) Academic Catalogue, Student Handbook, Tuition and Fees guides; while these are correct at the time of circulation/printing, they are subject to alteration without prior notice. Such changes become applicable at the time of publication.
  2. While programme start and end dates are not expected to change UCC reserves the right to alter dates in order to facilitate or improve the provision of the programme(s) or course(s) and relevant examinations.
  3. Students must abide by the rules and regulations of the institution stated in its published institutional documents. These have been developed in keeping with the standards published by the University Council of Jamaica, and good practice across institutions of higher education.
  4. No information, advice, or directive given by any member of the UCC staff supersedes the conditions outlined in the offer package and the latest edition of the Academic Catalogue and Student Handbook.
  5. Programmes and courses will take place only if justified by the number of students enrolled. That is, if class sizes fall below established threshold numbers, UCC reserves the right to suspend the programme(s).
  6. All relevant fees are due and payable in accordance with UCC Policies.
  7. Enrolment in any UCC programme and the payment of any portion of the fee constitute a binding agreement between the student and the UCC. In the event of withdrawal by a student for whatever reason, the following conditions will apply:
    • An application to withdraw must be made in writing on the prescribed forms
    • Any refund of fees will be in accordance with the Refund Policy stated below
  8. Students are required to attend at least 75% of all scheduled classes/sessions in order to be eligible to sit end-of-module examinations.
  9. Students who are delinquent in paying their tuition fees in any given academic period are subject to restricted access to their accounts and UCC services. In such circumstances students will not be allowed to attend classes, sit examinations, or register for subsequent academic periods until their tuition and fee accounts are made current.
  10. The UCC reserves the right to enact disciplinary measures against a student for breaches of the institution’s Code of Conduct including disruptive behavior during class, an exam or while on a campus.
  11. Students accepted to UCC programmes on the basis of their CXC/GCE qualifications are required to have a sealed official transcript of their results sent directly from the Overseas Examinations Commission to the UCC Registry. Alternately, persons in possession of the original CXC Certificate may submit these for determination of matriculation status.
  12. Student who are beneficiaries of loans and/or scholarships from the Students’ Loan Bureau and other entities hereby authorize the release of their student records, as may be required as a result of the conditions of the loan/scholarship, to these agencies.
  13. UCC confers degrees on candidates who are fully compliant with its policy framework.

  1. There will be no refund of the Application Fee or the Tuition Deposit (as indicated in a letter offering admission to the institution) at the start of studies.
  2. Refund of tuition fees will be considered only for students who have withdrawn from the institution. Any payment made in respect of semester that has already begun, and for which a request for refund is submitted after the Add/Drop Period has ended will NOT be refunded.
  3. All requests for refunds will be subject to the approval of the Chief Financial Officer or his/her designate.
  4. Funds paid on the student’s behalf by an organisation (e.g. Ministry of Finance, SLB, or place of employment) will be refunded subject to the terms and conditions of such financing.
My signature certifies that I have read the Conditions of Enrollment. I understand and agree to these Conditions (inclusive of the REFUND POLICY) and I further agree to abide by all the policies, rules and regulations of the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean. I acknowledge that if I have misrepresented any information on the application form and/or on any other submissions I will be liable for expulsion.
REGA#03-10-01-2002 revision  | Wednesday, August 20, 2014  | This versions supersedes all other versions.